Share on Twitter U.S. cities, states pledge support for climate accord

Nation Nov 11, 2017 12:39 PM EST
A powerful alliance of leaders representing American cities, states and business said on Saturday that they would continue to back the Paris climate accord after President Donald Trump announced earlier this year that he would withdraw the United States from the 2015 international agreement.

Mysterious Putin 'niece' has a name

Olga Vinogradova (not pictured) has emerged as one more shadowy figure in the still-unfolding story of contacts between Trump associates and the Russian government. | Mladen Antonova/AFP/Getty Images

Federal investigators have a name for a mysterious Russian woman who offered to help broker meetings between former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos and Kremlin officials: Olga Vinogradova.

NOV 4 2017, 2:37 PM ET Alarming Rise in CO2 Levels Looms Over Global Climate Change Summit

Image: Seagulls flying over the roofs tops of Paris
Seagulls flying over the roofs tops of Paris on Dec. 29, 2016. Lionel Bonaventure / AFP - Getty Images file
"We are actually moving in the wrong direction," Taalas said.

The United Nations is sounding the alarm: The last time carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere were this high was three to five million years ago.

Russian hackers target attacks all over the world

"The hackers who [tried to upend] the U.S. presidential election had ambitions well beyond Hillary Clinton's campaign, targeting the emails of Ukrainian officers, Russian opposition figures, U.S. defense contractors and thousands of others of interest to the Kremlin, according to a previously unpublished digital hit list obtained by The Associated Press":

Russia’s election posts reached 126 million people, Facebook will tell Congress

Russia’s surreptitious campaign to meddle in the US election reached 126 million people through posts on the social network, according to prepared testimony obtained by The Verge. That figure, which is more than 10 times the number of people reportedly exposed to Russia-linked advertising on the site, indicates that more than half of US Facebook users saw Russia-linked posts in the months leading up to the election.

Former Trump foreign policy adviser pleads guilty to lying to the FBI about his Russia ties

FBI Director Robert Mueller testifies during a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee on July 26, 2007. Alex Wong/Getty Images
A former foreign policy adviser to President Donald Trump’s campaign has pled guilty to lying to the FBI about his work with Russia, the Justice Department announced on Monday.

George Papadopolous’ admission marks the first known guilty plea in special counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation into the Trump campaign’s possible collusion with Russia.

Trump says he wants nukes 'in perfect shape' and calls First Amendment rights 'frankly disgusting'

Donald Trump doesn’t want to increase the U.S. nuclear arsenal tenfold, he claimed Wednesday afternoon after an NBC report that he wants to do exactly that. He just wants the existing nukes to be “in perfect shape.” (Like, could the military maybe look into slapping some gold leaf on those puppies?) But if there’s any comfort to be gained from Trump’s disavowal of massive nuclear growth—and there isn’t, because he lies—Trump’s renewed attacks on the media and the very notion of freedom of the press should have you all itchy and nervous again:

What Putin wants

Anne Applebaum, a Washington Post columnist, professor at the London School of Economics and author of the new book "The Red Famine," gave a concise description of what Vladimir Putin's Russia aims to achieve by interfering in elections in Germany and throughout the West this week on NPR's Fresh Air: