Readers' best comments: Trump's Twitter storm of the week

In a series of tweets, President Trump both admitted that he had no recordings of conversations with former FBI director James Comey and acknowledged for the first time that Russia attempted to influence the 2016 presidential election. Comments are edited for clarity and grammar:

I think that when Trump tweeted that Comey “better hope there are no tapes,” he was referring back to when he believed the Obama administration bugged his offices. So the tapes would be those in the hands of the intelligence agencies.

— David Nelson

Either Trump was lying about having tapes with Comey as an empty threat, or he does have tapes but they would totally incriminate him. Either way, I think this proves he is lying, and I cannot believe people are still willing to give him a pass!

— Micheline Roy Carstairs

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Trump hasn’t taken any steps or proactively mentioned the Russian meddling despite being asked numerous times about this topic. A real president would have already addressed it publicly and assured the American people about the steps he would take to curtail it from happening again.

— Joshua Galvoni

Lying is a full time job for Trump. He tweets and his new lie contradicts everything that he has been lying about for months.

— Michael Alston

This president sure knows how to play reality TV. He is also playing the news media and millions of well-meaning folks. At least he did finally come through on a promise to release what he might call “critically important information.” He has said things like “very soon,” but the info never comes.

— Erv Heidbrink

So Trump finally acknowledges what the intelligence community has been telling him for some time, but only so he can blame Barack Obama.

— Jeff Hartung

I’m sure an investigative committee would like to know why the White House waited weeks to answer such a simple question on the tapes and acknowledge Russia meddling.

— Pat Wells